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Accolade: L.J. Nickisch, Sergey Fridman, Mark Hausman, and Greg Bullock are a part of the team that won this year’s AFRL Joint Capability Technology Demonstration – the “JCTD of the Year Award”

April 2019

Their award-winning JCTD is built around NWRA-Monterey software products for modeling the ionosphere and simulating the performance of high-frequency radar systems.   

Jonah Colman, the AFRL Program Lead for their JCTD commented, “The award is a pretty big deal for any program, especially so for a space environment related project. Really it’s unprecedented.”  In connection with this award, the Office of the Secretary of Defense has provided $10M for continued scientific work over the next two years.  

Congratulations L.J., Sergey, Mark and Greg!

Greg Bullock LJ Nickisch Mark Hausman Sergey Fridman