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Visitor: NWRA Welcomes Dr. Jennifer Haase to the Boulder Office

March 2019

Jennifer is a co-Investigator on ROC, a radio-occultation experiment that will fly on super-pressure balloon gondolas starting in late 2019.  She is collaborating with Joan Alexander.  

The balloon launches are part of the Strateole-2 campaign, a French-US collaboration, with launches from the Seychelles and balloon flights that will float in the tropical lower stratosphere and may circle the equator for several months.  

Welcome Jennifer!

Joan Alexander

NWRA Welcomes Returning Employee Mark Aiello, Research Scientist

March 2019

Mark was a Student Intern at NWRA in the early years of the Monterey office (circa 2005) working on ionospheric modeling with Sergey Fridman.  

Since his internship, Mark obtained a MEng in Manufacturing Engineering at Boston University.  He is now re-joining NWRA to work on projects involving ionospheric modeling and OTH radar simulation.  

Please welcome back Mark!

Mark Aiello Sergey Fridman