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NWRA Welcomes William Brown, Senior Research Scientist

January 2019

Bill is an electrical engineer with broad radar experience and expertise in signal processing, including cyclostationary signal processing.  

Bill will support ongoing work on modeling and characterizing the performance of Over-the-Horizon Radar in stressing clutter conditions associated with backscatter from naturally-occurring small-scale ionization structures in the polar region.  

Welcome Bill!

William Brown

NWRA Welcomes Returning Employee Dr. Patricia M. Franke, Electrical Engineer

January 2019

Patricia was one of our original 1997 Boulder scientists.  She left NWRA in 2001 and has now returned to work from her Virginia home with L.J. Nickisch and Joe Werne on studying the HF propagation effects of small-scale ionization structure, generated at mid-latitudes by various plasma instability processes, including gravity wave breaking.  

Her expertise is in numerical simulation of electromagnetic propagation in plasmas, especially the Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) method. She conceived a procedure for including the effects of dispersive plasmas within the FDTD methodology.   

Welcome back Patricia!

Patricia Franke