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Accolade: Joan Alexander, Vice President, Senior Research Scientist

May 2024

University of Washington led STRIVE satellite (w/ NWRA’s Joan Alexander as a science team member) has been selected as a finalist for NASA’s next generation of Earth-observing satellites. STRIVE will image Earth’s limb and the troposphere-stratosphere interface including ozone, atmospheric aerosol layers, gravity waves, and chemical transport.

STRIVE: Stratosphere Troposphere Response using Infrared Vertically-resolved light Explorer

Joan Alexander

Accolade: Sharon Vadas, Senior Research Scientist; Erich Becker, Senior Research Scientist

May 2024

Two of NWRA’s scientists, Sharon Vadas and Erich Becker, each had a JGR Space Physics publication in the top 10 most-cited papers published between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2023.

“Primary and Secondary Gravity Waves and Large- Scale Wind Changes Generated by the Tonga Volcanic Eruption on 15 January 2022: Modeling and Comparison With ICON-MIGHTI Winds,” by Vadas, Becker, Bossert, and Gasque.

“Multi-step vertical coupling during the January 2017 sudden stratospheric warming,” by Becker, Goncharenko, Harvey, and Vadas.

Significant! Impressive! Congratulations!!!

Erich Becker Sharon Vadas