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Highlighted Publications

“Energetic Stratified Turbulence Generated by Kuroshio-Seamount Interactions in Tokara Strait”

February 2024

Takahashi, A., Lien, R.-C., Kunze, E., Ma, B., Nakamura, H., Nishina, A., Tsutsumi, E., Inoue, R., Nagai, T., and Endoh, T., Journal of Physical Oceanography, 2024.

Eric Kunze

“Explainable Offline-Online Training of Neural Networks for Parameterizations: A 1D Gravity Wave-QBO Testbed in the Small-Data Regime”

February 2024

Pahlavan, H.A., Hassanzadeh, P., Alexander, M.J., Geophysical Research Letters, 2024.

Hamid Pahlavan Joan Alexander