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Accolade: Jessica George

May 2021

Jessica George has graduated with a Bachelor of Science from New Mexico Tech.

She has been promoted from Student Intern to Graduate Research Assistant effective 6/1/21 and will continue her studies and work with Gloria Manney.

Congratulations Jessica!

Jessica George

Martina Bramberger and Karin Dissauer, Boulder Office, have been promoted from Post Doc to Research Scientist

March 2021

These promotions are in recognition of their growth as independent research scientists whose work is recognized and valued by peers in their discipline.  Becoming a Research Scientist is a big step at NWRA. It means:

  • writing proposals as the PI or co-I,
  • becoming a PI or co-I on research projects, and
  • being an owner of NWRA through stock awards

A well-deserved congratulations to you both!

Karin Dissauer Martina Bramberger