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Accolades and Service

Accolade: Karin Dissauer received the Josef-Krainer-Foerderungspreis 2020 award for her University of Graz PhD thesis and early career achievements.

February 2020

The prize is awarded by the state of Styria (the state in which she was studying) and is named in rememberance of one of their most famous governors, Josef Krainer.

Karin Dissauer

Service: Gad Levy and Beate Liepert attended a Sammamish High School (Bellevue) event, “UW in the High School ATM 111-Global Warming” on Feb 5th featuring local scientists and city officials who are working actively on climate change.

February 2020

This event was designed to give students an opportunity to practice discussing climate science accurately and meaningfully while learning more about climate work directly from professionals active in the field.   It is hoped that this event will inspire students to pursue climate science studies & careers.

Beate Liepert Gad Levy