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Accolade: L.J. Nickisch, Sergey Fridman, Mark Hausman, and Greg Bullock are a part of the team that won this year’s AFRL Joint Capability Technology Demonstration – the “JCTD of the Year Award”

April 2019

Their award-winning JCTD is built around NWRA-Monterey software products for modeling the ionosphere and simulating the performance of high-frequency radar systems.   

Jonah Colman, the AFRL Program Lead for their JCTD commented, “The award is a pretty big deal for any program, especially so for a space environment related project. Really it’s unprecedented.”  In connection with this award, the Office of the Secretary of Defense has provided $10M for continued scientific work over the next two years.  

Congratulations L.J., Sergey, Mark and Greg!

Greg Bullock LJ Nickisch Mark Hausman Sergey Fridman

Accolade: Penny Rowe was pictured in a tweet about the completion of the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP), Southern Hemisphere Special Observing Period (SOP)

March 2019

This was one of the top YOPP SOP tweets with more than 16,000 impressions. It was retweeted by the World Meteorological Organization.

Congratulations Penny!

Penny Rowe